Bali is The most beautifull Island in Indonesia. Bali also has a good coffee to try. The biggest coffee plantation in Bali is from Kintamani. Bali Kintamani Coffee has exported to Europe and Asia because the taste of orange and sweet is very unique. JPW Coffee sell authentic Arabica Bali Kintamani Coffee. Our Bali Coffee processed using semi washed method. We use the best quality of green bean, and we roast in city roast profile to get the best Sweetness and smooth in every cup.

Aroma: Dark Chocolate, Orange, Lemon

Flavour: Sweet, Syrup like, Chocolate bitter like

Body: High

Acidity: High

Roasted Bean & Powder Rp.71.500 per 250g

Green Bean Rp.121.000 per Kg

*price included PPN 10%

  • 10% Discount: 1-10kg
  • 20% Discount: >10kg


  • Discount available only for Roasted Bean and Powder
  • Discount available only for 1kg Packaging size

250g, 500g, and 1kg

Green Bean: 5-15 ton per month
  • Local shipping using TIKI, JNE, or COD (Cash on Delivery)
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Small order will ship using EMS (Express Mail Service)
  • Order >50kg will ship using local Cargo. Cheaper shipping cost than EMS